We’re in Japan and there’s no time to lose. To the idols we go.

Welcome back to my recaps of my 2017 Japan trip. First of all, a big thank you to everyone who has retweeted and checked out the new blog so far. The amount of views I’ve gotten is pretty impressive considering how new it is. I’m quite pleased with the progress so far. There’s still a lot of beautification and stuff to do, but I’m glad you guys have enjoyed the content I posted last week. The comments from Twitter have been mostly very kind and make me feel better about undertaking this blog. Really, thanks! I know my long-form writing takes some effort to read, and that my detailed approach isn’t everyone’s preference, but I’m glad people are digging it. I really try to be concise as I can, but when we’re dealing with so many events and feelings, that gets pretty hard. And what would be the point of recapping my trip without those?

Anyways, enough praise of you awesome readers. Let us get to the actual time in Japan.

No Rest for the Wota.

View from my balcony. Hello, Tokyo!

Day 1 was here in a hurry. I managed to get some decent sleep, but it was rudely interrupted by a lot of work to do. I woke up just before my 8:00AM alarm went off. I did the usual morning routine of shower and all that, then sorted out some stuff in the apartment. Basically the boring stuff such as hanging up clothes and whatnot. Not long after that, it was time to head out on the first order of business: securing my concert tickets.

I used Bridge.jpn for my tickets upon Garry’s recommendation. If I may break out into a mini-review, their service was top notch start to end. They were always very quick to get tickets which resulted in better entry numbers than my last trip. Their communication was prompt every step of the way. They’re professionals and their prices are some of the best I saw in my search for a ticket service. Simply put, I can’t recommend them enough. I’m not reimbursed to promote them in any way. This is an honest opinion based on the top notch service I got.

Originally my tickets were going to be shipped via EMS to my home, but not long after Garry mentioned it, Bridge suggested I pick them up in Japan. Japan Post offers pickup at a majority of their post offices. I opted to pick mine up at the Kanda Post Office, which was only two crosswalks away from my apartment. I find the place with no trouble at all, and when I enter I see the service desk area immediately. Bridge even gave me a Japanese phrase to print out to show to post office staff if needed. This was good because my Japanese for anything but pretty basic chat is not good at all.

I hand the note to the staff member and he looks at it for a second,  goes back for a moment, returns and motions me left. I think he means for me to go to the leftmost counter, so I do. He keeps motioning left. I’m a bit confused. I look to my left and see several feet away the “Yuuyuu” service window with its shutter down. From my research, the “Yuuyuu” window is for after-hours pickup and Bridge told me explicitly to not use it, so I’m getting a little confused as to what he wants me to do. What made this even more confusing is they were mumbling whatever they were saying and wouldn’t speak up. Eventually I hear “button” in their murmurs so I looked for one. I see one at the “Yuuyuu” window, so I go over there and press it and it rings a doorbell.

What happened next annoyed me. The shutter opened and it was the exact same guy who was motioning me left. This is a prime example of something about Japan that can be so annoying. They are so inflexible. If you’re lost and confused, they’ll help you but they will not change the process for you. Even if it’d save you and them a ton of time. I roll my eyes a little and hand him the exact same paper with the tracking number as before. I also hand him my passport because its number is used to confirm my identity on the package. He looks and hands it back. He finds my package much to my immense relief. He then asks to see my passport again. Getting borderline agitated I hand it over yet again. I think they made me sign a paper and boom, my tickets are mine at last. Before I left I used the ATM that was also there just to make sure my credit card worked, and it spit out some Japanese yen with no trouble. I head back to the apartment and visually verify the tickets. They’re all there and I put the two for today in my man purse: Oyasumi Hologram and Juice=Juice.

Exotic enough?

After verifying I had everything I needed for the day, it’s time to leave the apartment and go out into the wild. Since Oyasumi Hologram’s show started at 12:30PM, I went to KFC for a 10AM lunch. Not the most exotic choice, but I was hungry and had a long day ahead. Four pieces of chicken sounded great at the time. This was also the first time in three years I had the legendary melon soda. Honestly it wasn’t as enamoring as before. By the time I was finished eating, I was starting to run a little low on time. I mean, I always leave to be early so there was no risk of being late, but I wanted to be more than on time just in case.

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