The trip reaches its idol pinnacle with a huge festival and the group that greenlit the trip.

One Day, Eighteen Idol Groups.

As I mentioned before, those of you who would prefer shorter write-ups might be in luck. With no audio logs to go on, I’m going off memory, pictures, and tweets. I mean, I still remember the big moments but all those little details have kinda blended together at this point, but I’ll do my best to portray the trip as best I can. If I mess up which day was Go Go Curry and which was McDonald’s, I think we’ll be fine regardless.

One thing I definitely remember is when I woke up on November 9th, I felt more or less officially sick. Luckily it still wan’t awful at this point. My sinus congestion that was much worse than the day before, but allergy pills kept me going for the time being. An hour after taking one I was feeling decent enough. The early day was spent doing some laundry. Luckily I noticed there were no more shirts in my bag to hang up before I decided to go somewhere else for the day. I went and grabbed lunch at McDonald’s because I couldn’t find any better option. I bet my exceptionally bad diet during this trip wasn’t helping with my deteriorating health. Akihabara’s food selection was truly was terrible. So yeah, I did that in the apartment and watched some Twitch to kill time. By 2:20PM I left to Shibuya for my next idol show. I’m glad I was still feeling decent, because the walk to TSUTAYA O-EAST was long and uphill.

Gravity is a cruel mistress.

Today’s show was going to be a long one. This was one of the “Girl’s Bomb” idol festivals. The show was about seven hours long and featured 18 different groups. I planned to stay for the entire thing since drop was performing at the end. I’m admittedly not the most dedicated fan of drop but the member I like, Takiguchi Hikari, was graduating a few days later. This was my last shot at seeing her so I wasn’t going to miss it. What really drew me to get tickets for this show was Woltanative, a sister group of MAPLEZ that has done some really fantastic EDM-like music. I also knew a majority of these groups to some extent, so I was really excited for this show. I expected this to be a long day and it totally was, but it was more than worth it. I got in with no problem, and the ticket lady asked me which group I liked. For mentioning them, I got a free digital 2shot ticket for Woltanative. Sweet!

The show began and it was fun from the start. O-EAST is a legit live house so the stage, lighting, and sound were all top notch. Early into the show, I had a bit of a “insta-favorite” moment with Seto Sorara from Asobi Dungeon. The group’s name sounded kind of familiar, but that’s all I really knew about them if anything. Their performance was super fun. They played a set of upbeat pop songs and had a really good stage presence. Sorara in particular really caught my eye because she was so expressive. I tend to favor girls who can manage good facial expressions while performing and she was on point. Some of their choreography is a bit energetic, but she made it look easy. She’s also super cute in general. Before they were done I got the king blade out and set it to green to cheer for her. Luckily their outfits made it obvious what their colors are. Once they finished their set, I decided I totally had to meet Sorara.

Buppan for this show was a lot like the one that went on with Honey Spice. Just outside of the stage area was a lobby and there were several tables set up for groups to do their thing. Asobi Dungeon was right next to the doors. It was still somewhat calm out there since the show itself was only about 40 minutes in. When I walked up to the table, the girl in the yellow outfit, Runa, gave me their flyer they were giving to all passers by, and I asked to do a cheki. The manager there took my money and I told him who with. The girl who gave me the flyer got all pouty when I said Sorara. I felt kinda bad but my mind was made up.  Sorry Runa!

Absurdly kawaii.

Meeting Sorara was a great experience. I didn’t sense a lot of gaijin shock from her, but this was a good thing because it meant less talk time wasted exchanging awkward English hello’s and whatnot. After a quick “hajimemashite”, we took our picture. I leaned in a bit, but she leaned even more. It was pretty cute and made for one of my favorite chekis from this trip. Honestly she looks a lot younger than she is. Their ages aren’t officially posted, but she could easily pass for a high school aged idol at times. Luckily, some of her pictures on Twitter are a lot more mature looking. She’s at least 20 since I’ve seen her pose with a sake bottle or two, but she’s really pretty in any case.

Our conversation was the usual first time idol chat. She wanted to know about where I was from and the usual details. Aside from that, I told her that I was really surprised by and enjoyed their performed and that I had became a fan. She seemed really excited to hear that and it was a very nice exchange. She also complimented my Japanese. Luckily I handled this conversation pretty well. I was very glad to meet her in the end. She’s a really nice girl and if she’s still around next time I make it to Japan I’ll definitely try to see them again. As I left the table, I heard her in the background telling the other members where I was from. It was cute the way she was borderline gloating.

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