As the trip enters its final days, I try to get some tourism in while not forgetting my idol roots.

Taking It Down a Notch.

November 14th got off to a late start. As I mentioned in the last entry, my coughing phase was in full swing. It was so bad that it became very difficult to fall asleep. The last time I peeked at my phone, I saw a time in the early 4:00AM range. I was so frustrated that I shut my alarms off and left waking up to nature. It was about 11:15AM when I finally revived. Despite allowing myself the rest, I felt awful and looked outside to see a gloomy, rainy Tokyo. Fantastic.

After seeing that and still not feeling great after a shower, I decided today would be a burner day for the most part. It was a bummer, but going out and getting pneumonia didn’t sound very fun. It didn’t help that I was getting borderline sick of Akihabara at this point, but I decided that I would accomplish at least a little something today. After grabbing some lunch, I went back to Akiba Cultures Zone to buy some idol and anime loot.

I first went into the figure shop that had the stuff I was interested in. In the end, I bought two Yazawa Nico figures, one Watanabe You figure, and an awesomely detailed and worn looking Gundam RX-78-2 figure. It turns out a lot of the figures I saw before were not for sale. They had some complete sets of Love Live figures that looked really cool, but I guess those are just to get people in the door. In any case, I was really happy with the stuff I walked away with. I only buy this stuff when I’m in Japan or at a con, so this rare occasion is always fun.

I then went to TRIO to find some idol goods. Most of what they have is posters and photos. Posters are unlikely to survive the flight home, plus I didn’t see many of interest. Photos are a horrible waste. I put them in a binder and they rot for eternity. I was about to settle on some photos, but by sheer luck I spot some Keyakizaka46 tapestries featuring the “Kaze ni fukarete mo” suits. Behind Ishimori Nijika and Saito Fuyuka is no other than Shida Manaka, my #2 favorite in the group. Her looks are quite ikemen so she rocks that suit, man. I asked the staff guy for it and that ended up being my only idol goods purchase from TRIO. Only one item, but an item I will actually enjoy. It’s currently hung above my computer desk. Manaka now judges everything I do on the PC. Oh boy…

I returned to the apartment to drop off my stuff and consider what’s next. The answer was not a lot. I went out at 7:30PM to find some dinner. I thought about being lazy and going 200 feet to KFC, but for whatever reason I was really craving pizza. I had a peek around Google Maps and all I saw was a Pizza Hut in Kanda, but it was nearly a mile from any train station. Ultimately I discovered there was a Subway in Akihabara so I ate there. It was a nice meal and a wise idea to have some enriching food in my current state. They didn’t give me a straw with my drink, but everything else was good.

Ending the night, I went to Don Quijote to try and find some medicine. During my previous trip I saw they had DayQuil and NyQuil in Japan and those might have really helped. Sadly they are no longer sold and they had nothing but Japanese meds. I texted Amn desperate for help and Googled while waiting for him to reply. I asked the medicine counter lady for cough drops with the help of Google Translate, but she had no idea what “Sekitome doroppu” was. I guess they’re called something else in Japanese. Luckily I found a photo of a popular brand and she was able to help me then. Amn told me something to look for that was for coughing and decongestant so I got it. This was a 40 minute ordeal and I was so annoyed by the time I left.

By 9:40PM I was back in the apartment for good. I cleared off the bed, took my medicine, and declared lights out. It’s a real bummer that day 11 ended up being a wash, weather and otherwise, but it is what it is. If I had stayed out for too long,  I’m sure no good would have come of it.

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