PV Roundup lives again! Let’s see how music videos are doing a year later. 

So yeah, my signature column is back in a slightly changed format. It’s my intent to keep PV Roundup a lighter read than it was back on Garry’s site. I know it’s April but I’m still playing some catchup and these were definitely worth writing about. Check it out!


I can’t say I’m particularly an expert in ONEPIXCEL. Like many people, I’m just discovering through the popularity of their most recent song. It was selected to be the ending theme of the new Dragon Ball Super anime. Don’t worry, this one isn’t a simple anime tie-in song. From what I’ve read, this is the group’s major debut single, and it’s pretty memorable. When I hear the song, it gives off a nostalgic electro-pop vibe. A random though I had about it was, “This is kinda what I wish Perfume was doing.” Very enjoyable.

The video itself is also pretty nice. The black and silver dresses in the dance shot are really nice looking, and the lighter, simpler outfits used in the dispersed solo shots are also really pleasant. The aesthetic of this video with the lyrics and dancing silhouettes in the background add some life to the background without being overpowering. The choreography doesn’t really stand out, but it kinda works with the tone of the song. It’s all very light and pleasant. And if I can just be a shameless male for a second, we got a triple case of cutie alert in this group. Ahem. I’m really into this song and you can pretty much call me a fan of this group now. Looking forward to their future releases in the major realm.

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