Just checking in with my blog and some thoughts I’ve had on it. Picture not indicative of anger or determination. Maybe.

Hey all, so it’s been just a little while.

This little blog of mine hasn’t seen much of any action lately. In fact, we’re just a little shy of a two month content-free run. I could offer all kinds of excuses about why I haven’t really updated much. Some of them such as my job being insane this year are semi-legit, but honestly, the main reasons I haven’t really done anything on here is about 60% laziness, 40% time mismanagement. My job has really sucked up a majority of my energy for a good few months now, and when I get home I’m ready to veg out. Still, has it really nuked me so much that I can’t write anything? Nah, not really.

The bigger problem was a rut I more or less created. I tried to revive my “PV Roundup” column, and it caused my whole blog to stagnate. I really wanted to try to be inclusive and not just circle jerk around artists I already know I like. The only problem with that is the sheer amount of idol content there is these days. If you really sit and watch the scene, holy cow is it busy. I got caught in this endless loop of trying to keep up with all the new videos and it took so long that I could never get to writing the actual articles. Not exactly the most productive system for a blog.

It also doesn’t help that my enthusiasm for idols isn’t the same as it was before. I don’t want to say I’m less of a fan because that’s not quite it. I still enjoy the music, videos and wacky culture, but honestly the social aspect of it has kinda burnt out with me in some ways. I don’t feel like fanboying on social media about them as much these days, and certain changes in the fandom space have kinda left me feeling a bit like an outsider. I’m not mad or anything. Times, people, and social spaces change. I’m hopeful I can find a new comfortable spot in all of it. But yeah, that element has definitely played a part in my enthusiasm going down a bit. That also hurt the PV Roundup process. Still it was only a part of the problem as I don’t plan to make this a Japanese idol-centric blog in the first place. South Korea is killing it this year, just sayin’. I’ve got several things in the back burner from that realm and I am excited to review or mention in due time.

So what’s next? Well, I’m hoping to get back on the wagon even if just a little. There’s definitely no shortage of things to write about. I do think however that PV Roundup as it once existed is a goner. It messed up my participation over at Garry’s site, and now it’s messing up my own project. It’s clearly just too much load for the effort I care to put in. I think PV talk will continue in some different way, but for now I will try and work on some things that won’t totally bog down the assembly line. We’ll see what happens, but I’m still not really going to set myself to some schedule because that would just bother me. I really want to keep this casual.

For those still lurking around, thanks. I will try to come up with something soon and hop back on the blogging circuit. I can already think of a lot of things I care enough about to share, so it shouldn’t take too long. Thanks as always for reading, the retweets, and support in general.


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