We left on BLACKPINK. We return with BLACKPINK. Let’s see how Jennie’s solo project went.

I love BLACKPINK. A lot. They may not release as often as other K-Pop groups, but when they do they have some amazing quality behind them. In my opinion, everything they’ve done so far is pretty exemplary. I don’t exactly keep up with Korean music news, so when I saw tweets about a Jennie solo project I was blindsided and thrilled. While I love the group as a whole, Jennie is definitely my bias, oshi, whichever word you’d like to use. Jisoo has become a solid #2 the last year or so, but you just can’t beat Jennie man. She’s amazing. She’s super sexy in every way, her voice is great and she’s such a little gangster that I can’t get enough of her antics in their releases and their general appearances and clips. She has sass, and I was really hoping this solo release would play up to that. Sadly, it fell short of what I had dreamed it might be.

Let’s talk about the song first and get that over with. The first 25 seconds of this song? Honestly, it’s not good. The instrumentals are sparse to nonexistent, and the vocal notes here don’t play to Jennie’s strengths at all. I was horribly disappointed and wondering if things would improve. They do, but not enough. Around 40 seconds in, the song finds its footing, but it remains slow which I didn’t expect at all. I mean, this is Jennie here. The girl had her own bling tank in the past. She should be kicking ass and taking names, but is instead relegated to a forgettable hook that peaks at “Solololololo~”. When we finally do get to a little rapping, the tempo of the song prevents it from being anything more than just okay.

At the two minute mark, the style of the beginning of the song returns, but some additional instrumentals help it out a lot and it’s way more enjoyable here, although it still just feels off the vocal path for Jennie. 2:15 onward is easily my favorite part of the song as things pick up just a bit, but just as you’re settling in and ready for Jennie to start owning it, the song ends. Abruptly. Go home, Blinks. It’s over. So yeah, while I had high hopes I walked away honestly disappointed. I was really hoping for something more up-tempo, hip hop, energetic and fun for the likes of Jennie, but like so many K-Pop solo side gigs, it ended up being a pretty meh ballad. It started to find some kick right at the end, but it was a bit too late. I’m really bummed Jennie got this song. It’s so below her talent ability.

Well SOMEONE’S not very shy…

Can we talk about this music video, though? It’s the polar opposite opinion here, guys. This music video is one of the best of the year for me. There is no other way to say it so please pardon my straight male comment here, but damn is Jennie hot. This video has a superb selection of cute, sexy, and dancing clips that Jennie totally slays through. There’s outfits and scenes here for pretty much every taste. My personal favorite scene is probably predictable, but at 57 seconds begins the “laundry scene” which might be some of the most magical eye candy to come out of K-Pop in a while. In typical K-Pop fashion, all of the filmography that went into this PV is pretty much perfect. Bright colors, varied camera angles, wide usage of every scene they filmed.. Yup, textbook K-Pop video. I’m glad to say at the very least, I 100% love the music video.

So yeah, not quite what I was hoping for overall, but then again this is just a side solo project and not really a true solo artist debut. It’s just one song, not an EP or even more than one track. I learned while researching for this review that all the members will be getting a solo track. I just hope the ones for the other girls might be a little stronger. If we’re gonna go, let’s go big. That has been BLACKPINK’s most awesome selling point so far. Why stop now?

P.S. Yup, I’m back. Working on a slight redesign and relaunch of the site, so stay tuned and thanks for returning. <3


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