“Holy Crap, You Survived!” Award: AOA

There’s one thing about K-Pop that really sucks: When members leave a group, things are often never the same. You’d think this effect would be even more deadly when your favorite members decides to hang it up. When Choa left AOA, I expected it to be over. That’s just how amazing she was to me. She was AOA as far as I was concerned, and I expected to have no interest in them moving forward.

Then “Bingle Bangle” happened.

Hats off to everyone in AOA. They stepped up big time to bring the group back in style. I’m particularly impressed with Seolhyun and Yuna, who upped their stage presence in a big way as they resumed their activities. AOA is the first K-Pop group to surpass this hurdle for me, and I’m very happy about it. I hope they keep this momentum going!

“Sad To See You Go” Award: La PomPon

There’s not a lot you can do if the whole group disbands, though. In 2018, that’s exactly what La PomPon did. To me, they were a pretty underrated Japanese idol group. I can’t say it was overly surprising as they haven’t been particularly active since 2016, but it’s still a bummer. It was quick too. No farewell single or anything. They announced it in February and had a final concert about a month later. I’m really glad i was able to pick up the KAREN version of the “Omoide no Kyuujuu Kurihama” single in my 2017 Japan trip. Good luck in whatever you’re doing now and onward, ladies.

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