Top K-Pop Albums Selection

  1. TWICE – YES or YES
  2. Dreamcatcher – Nightmare – Escape the ERA
  3. (G)-I-DLE – I am
  5. TWICE – What Is Love
  6. Weki Meki – Lucky
  7. Red Velvet – RBB
  9. AOA – Bingle Bangle
  10. Bolbbalgan4 – Red Diary Page.2
  12. TWICE – Summer Nights
  13. gugudan – ACT.5 New Action
  14. OH MY GIRL – Secret Garden
  15. UNI.T – line

Now we really get into the meat of the K-Pop for the year. A good few of these groups I just started listening to this year, but my old favorites have done a pretty good job of keeping up with them. To me, TWICE is just unstoppable.  It really feels like the members themselves and their production staff put everything they have into what they do. Honestly I haven’t enjoyed every song or video they’ve put out. They do swing around various styles, but even then I appreciate what they are trying to do. When their projects align with what I like though, they just can’t be beat. They’re incredible, and easily my favorite thing in music right now, hands down.

That’s not to say that everything else in this list isn’t awesome in some way, though. Dreamcatcher are such a unique thing in the K-Pop space. Their pop-rock theme isn’t common in Korea, and they have an almost anisong-like flare to them, but with all the bells and whistles of K-Pop. They’re so much fun. (G)-IDLE is new on the scene and has already made such a huge impression. I have no doubt they’re going to have a huge 2019. OH MY GIRL has always been a group I enjoy, but their music is usually so soft. I was so hyped when they release a banger like “Remember Me”. Weki Meki is new to me, and they’re getting pretty massive playtime in my car. Their high-energy songs are great fun, and their vocal talent is way up there.

CLC kept it up, I’ll talk about AOA’s surprise return a little later, you had IZ*ONE which melted my two music fandoms together… It really was a hell of a year for K-Pop. If 2019 is even half as good, I’ll be pretty entertained. I’m eagerly anticipating what comes next from everyone on this list. It’s going to be a blast.

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