Top J-Pop PV’s Selection

(Note: Streaming links to PV’s provided when possible!)

  1. =LOVE – Want you! Want you!
  2. EMPiRE – Buttocks beat! beat!
  3. TWICE – BDZ
  4. BiSH – NON TiE-UP
  5. Pimm’s – Original War
  6. Chuning Candy – S.T.L.
  8. Pimm’s – Life is a Game
  10. Burst Girl – Great Fxxking My World
  11. Fairies – Bangin’
  12. PassCode – Tonight
  13. Tacoyaki Rainbow – Nijiiro Shinkaron
  14. Mondo Grosso (AiNA THE END (BiSH)) – False Sympathy
  15. WORLD ORDER – Let’s start WW3
  16. Aina The End – Kienaide
  17. Niji No Conquistador – Zutto Summer De Koi Shiteru
  18. OnePixcel – LAGRIMA
  19. SUPER☆GiRLS – Bubblin’ Squash!
  20. Kakuriyo Terror Architect – Identity Crisis
  21. MONKEY MAJIK × Sandwichman – Umarvelous
  22. Chuning Candy – Dance With Me
  23. BiSH – stereo future
  24. E-girls – EG-ENERGY
  25. Tokyo Performance Doll – Shapeless

In case it’s not painfully clear from my list, I have a strong preference for PV’s that are, well, fun! I really enjoy music videos that have some effort put into them, be it production value, high quality choreography, a silly concept, or ideally all of the above. =LOVE’s PV for “Want You! Want You!” is like the template for everything I want. It’s been a while since a J-Pop PV has tickled my fancy as much as this one did. Truly an exemplary piece I’m sure I’ll go back and watch for years to come. EMPiRE’s “Buttocks beat! beat!” is a very close second in that regard. Simply hilarious and awesome. And then of course, Korea knows how to make a music video, and TWICE’S import “BDZ” is not to be missed. BiSH of course continues on with their creative and crazy stuff. And again, Pimm’s really does have some creativity behind them and their videos are often just as good as their music.

I would be here literally all day trying to go through each of these PV’s, but everything on here is great in one way or another. Some of it was fun, some of it had great dancing, some of it was just flat out weird and awesome *cough*#20*cough*, some of it was awesome fan service… There really is such an awesome mix of stuff in here. As this is my last J-Pop genre, let me just say that even though 2018 was a big year in K-Pop for me and I did a lot of talking about that on Twitter and my previous blog posts, J-Pop was no slouch. There was a lot of great stuff from Japan this year, and I really hope I can find some way to fit this blog into my routine better so I can more evenly talk about it as well moving forward.

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