Top K-Pop MV’s Selection

  1. fromis_9 – LOVE BOMB
  2. AOA – Bingle Bangle
  5. OH MY GIRL – Remember Me
  6. Weki Meki – La La La
  7. TWICE – Yes or Yes
  8. Dreamcatcher – What
  9. Red Velvet – RBB
  10. EXID – I Love You
  11. (G)I-DLE – HANN (Alone)
  12. Weki Meki – Crush
  13. CLC – Black Dress
  14. Red Velvet – Bad Boy
  15. UNI.T – No More
  16. April – Oh! my mistake
  17. Dreamcatcher – You and I
  19. Red Velvet – Power Up
  20. TWICE – Dance The Night Away
  22. (G)I-DLE – LATATA
  23. Honey Popcorn – Bibidi Babidi Boo
  24. Suzy – SObeR
  25. TWICE – What Is Love

I’m just gonna say it. In the nine-ish years I’ve been on and off into K-Pop, this year’s selection is the best by leaps and bounds. Korean music videos are the cream of the crop. The insanely high production value, the borderline machine precise choreography, the near perfect look of everyone on screen, and the bright, cheerful colors are such a treat. I’m also really excited that my top pick of the year is from a newcomer group. fromis_9’s “Love Bomb” literally embodies every last quality I listed above. It all comes together for what I seek most from music: fun. It’s just silly and fun, yet so high quality, so damn well done.

While they could not be caught, there was still plenty of other treats this year. AOA released a terrific 8-bit themed video that proved they were still a major contender in K-Pop, despite the loss of Choa. MOMOLAND paired one of the catchiest songs of the year with a great music video. BLACKPINK keeps on being the typical amazing BLACKPINK. OH MY GIRL stepped up their energy both in song and video form for a great release. Weki Meki made the list multiple times for their epic dances and fun songs. Again, I have to cap myself off at some point or we’d be here way too long. Basically, every single one of these music videos, down to the lowest of the top 25, is just insanely good. In fact, there were 13 more in my short list that I am super sad to not include. The selection really was insane this year.

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