Best New Japanese Group Award: Chuning Candy

Speaking of there still being plenty of fantastic J-Pop and idol groups out there, Chuning Candy was a very refreshing new act in 2018. The unit has been in training and whatnot for several years, but 2018 is the first time they released anything, so we’re just going to count them and call it good, okay? If the Japan Record Award show can call them new, so can I!

This group is a lot of fun. Super pretty girls singing super pretty music. They’re almost like a time capsule of the kind of music I got into when I first discovered J-Pop, nearly 18 years ago. (Good lord…) Simple, fun, upbeat pop music with good hooks and pleasant instrumentals. What more can you ask for? It’s exactly what I look for. Their music videos to this point have also been very entertaining and simple. They’re just really nice overall. I’m hoping they will continue this trend into 2019 and beyond.

Best New Korean Group Award: (G)-IDLE

Over in Korea, we’ve been blessed with some amazing new talent as well. (G)-IDLE have quickly made a name for themselves as Cube Entertainment’s premier girl group. (Sorry CLC!) Featuring a powerhouse line-up of stunning and highly vocally talented girls, the group has a very unique sound where every girl has something different to offer. Clearly I’m not the only one taken with them. They have won a ton of best new artist awards, and they did very well in the charts with their releases. This is a group to watch in 2019 for sure. I just hope that they last a little longer and better than 4Minute did. Don’t let me down, Cube. Please.

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