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Great Start…

Hey everyone. So, this blog has been dead for quite a while, huh? Honestly, I didn’t know if I would ever get back to it myself, but here I am trying to dive in once more. Oh and upfront, some of this blog will focus on hobbies, and some on personal happenings. Each page will be tagged as such in case you want to skip the non-hobby spills.

When I wrote my little “Full Metal Panic” review and the not-so-little year-end awards post, I really did intend to continue on with this site. Honest! Unfortunately, 2019 has been very unkind in some ways. The year started off fairly routine. Then, a big K-Pop fandom moment happened in early February. I finally saw a group live.

Red Velvet had announced an international tour, and I discovered it just in time to grab a ticket to their Dallas gig. Dallas is within driving distance for me, not a quick one but it’s not a big deal for an occasional treat. Even with the mark-up on the resale ticket, this trip felt cheap compared to going to Japan to see idols. Not that these experience are similar in any way except they’re both very expensive, but yeah.

I won’t bore you with a 5000 word monster or anything, though I do regret not writing any kind of report. The show was beyond amazing. Red Velvet really exemplify the kind of group and music I enjoy most: good, silly, fun pop music. It really was a treat seeing them and I would absolutely give them a repeat. I was also really taken by the crowd. Everyone was nice and decently well-behaved. It was nice to see that none of the darker side of K-pop “netizens” played out in the IRL’s, which is usually the case most of the time, right?

Anyway, yeah, first K-Pop concert was in the bag, and I truly hope it’s the first of many. Spoiler: It was. We’ll touch on that a little later.

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