…Disastrous Middle…

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About a month and a half later, things in my life took a turn for the horrible. At my mom’s house, her clothes dryer shorted out and tried to start a fire. My mom was able to contain the damage and at first it seemed like a minor deal as I have money set aside for problems like these. No biggie.

Well, it was. The dryer and related damage were fixed in no time, but my mom hurt herself while rushing to get the dryer out of the closed space to get to the potential fire. At first, we thought it was maybe just a sprain. Well, a week or so later, she took a small tumble and was borderline crippled. I have no idea how she was still even limping on it, but an X-Ray revealed she broke her hip. Yeah, my mom is such a ridiculously tough badass that she was semi-walking on a completely. broken. hip. She is tougher than I could even think of being, man.

So, multi-month story short, she had to have hip replacement surgery. In the end, the surgery went well and she has made a fantastic, borderline unbelievable recovery. The nurses and professionals working with her for the home health care (saints of people, btw) called her “the miracle lady” because she totally killed it with the exercises and getting her strength back. She still deals with some pain and has days where she gets tired easier than she has in the past, but when you compare where she is versus most 70 year olds who have this procedure done, she is doing great.

This took a toll on me as well obviously. I’m not trying to sound like a victim or anything, but this is the first major “my mom is getting old” moment I’ve ever had and it was challenging. Thankfully my workplace is super accommodating about these kinds of things and that was little issue, but just for me as a person? It’s not an easy thing to go through, especially when you have so little family to speak of like I do. I remember especially the day of the surgery and the time immediately after being very tough. Seeing her like that is something I won’t forget. It was terrifying. All I had for company was my phone. It was the longest wait of my life.

The next few months were not as bad, but I had some extra duties helping her recover. Thankfully, my aunt who is the only “genuine” family I have aside from my mom, came to help for a week or two while we got things all squared away. I had to help take care of her house some, mow the lawn, things like that. Nothing big, but definitely time sinks and I lost track of my hobbies for a bit, and this site honestly wasn’t even a thought. Even if I had taken a harder stance on writing, I’m not going to choose this over my mom’s well-being, so any hope this site had for the earlier part of this year was wiped out.

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