Back once again with some more K-Pop in the flesh experiences.

Hey everyone, so it’s been a while since I put together a blog post. I feel like I say that every time I wipe the dust off of my WordPress text editor. We’ll talk about that, but for now, it’s time to talk about another concert experience, so let’s dive right in shall we?

Back in December, I got a huge punch in the gut. Remember back when I wrote about BLACKPINK and said “Come on Dreamcatcher” with such passion? Well, they did. They did a little US tour complete with a Dallas stop, and somehow, I missed it. Between life and stuff, I just missed the announcement. I beat myself up for a while over that one because they were by far the group I wanted to see next. I dropped the ball hard. Vowing not to do that again I’ve paid a little more attention to announcements, and because of that I did not make the same mistake twice and caught Everglow’s announcement with time to spare.

For those not in the know, Everglow is a newer K-Pop girl group, debuting in March of 2019. Personally, I’ve deeply enjoyed their stuff so far. Their dancing, singing, and looks are well beyond where they should be for a “rookie” group and they stand head-to-head with many veterans in the K-Pop industry. I was super excited when I read about their upcoming US tour. Since my “fun fund” was primed due to a lack of any major trips since BLACKPINK of last year, I immediately bought tickets. Somehow, I was able to secure VVIP tickets, which included the show itself, a high touch event, a photo event and some goodies like a lanyard and a set of small signed photos. After that, it was about a month’s wait until the show. In the meantime I secured a hotel for Dallas, and the waiting game began. I was worried coronavirus might cancel stuff, especially in the last few days leading up to the trip, but it did not. In fact, Everglow was pretty much the only Korean act performing in America at the time that did NOT cancel. I was glad, as this trip took place right before things started to take a bad turn here in the United States regarding the virus. We’ll talk about that later, too.

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