Good jams, huh?

All in all, the show was really damn good. Pretty much as expected from Everglow. Like I said, they may be rookies just a year in but they have such an amazing stage presence. Their musical performances were all super fun and energetic. Their MC’s were really good, doing a mix of Korean and English. I like that they kept most of it in their native tongue just to keep it smooth and understandable via translator. I love that Korean acts understand we want to see as “natural” an act as possible. Japanese idol acts that used to come stateside never really got this for some reason. But yeah, everything was quality and fun. That’s one great thing about Korean acts, they always impress. I know edgelords out there like to think of them as “soulless” or “manufactured”. At the end of the day, to each their own. Too bad for them on missing out on some amazing talent enhanced with professional training.

The members were all really cool, but some caught my eye more than others. The E:U-Mia tie was finally broken. I definitely have a thing for rappers in my K-Pop fandom, but Mia’s just too damn good at her job and defies my archetype. She’s pretty good at the vocals and she’s hotter than a blue star, but the main attraction is her dancing. That girl can move like few others can. Not to say the others can’t, but she’s a dancing goddess. She kills it on stage. Another thing she’s best at is the facial expressions. I’m always impressed with girls who can sing and dance so intensely, but still keep the expressions on point. Honestly, I think she might have the best expression skills in K-Pop right now. No matter the intensity, she just kept it on point, made regular eye contact with the audience, and was overall just a joy for the senses. She totally stole the show for me.

Not to say anyone else did bad by any means. E:U’s raps were fantastic, and she was definitely the second best in terms of stage presence. Super cute too, might I add. Sihyeon is, in my opinion, the “typical Korean beauty” of the group, has a terrific sense of humor and is the star of MC’s for sure. Onda stood out much more to me in this show, and the latest promotions, than she has before. I was struck by how fit she is. Seriously, girl’s got some abs. I’m.. a bit jealous, actually. Heh. But yeah, very pretty girl. Aisha is a damn model. She’s so pretty she’s almost hard to look at. I kinda look at her the same way President Trump tried to look at the 2017 eclipse. Super pretty girl with a bit of humor to her and noticeably good dancer, too. Yiren was honestly the one who stood out to me least, as has been the case for Everglow in general, but western fandom seems to love her and it showed in the crowd as well, so good for her. She’s not bad at anything, she’s just… less my type than the others? I enjoyed everyone in one way or another, so that was awesome.

So yeah, the show itself was great. The audience was mostly fine. A bit intimate as well. The venue has a standing capacity of 1500 and I don’t think it was but half full at most. However, one group of people just had to sperg out and they were being pretty disruptive of MC’s and whatnot. So much so that a few times the girls had to ask them to chill out. As cute as Onda’s “Attention please” was, it would have been cooler if people just, you know, respected the group that flew for 12+ hours to perform for us? Just my opinion though. Sadly this is just reality with fandom. Most people are chill and just wanna have a good time, but there will always be those who gotta try and be the act themselves. Aside from that, it was a pretty damn perfect K-Pop experience. I am loving that so many acts have been coming lately, and this concert crowdfunding platform, My Music Taste, is such a great idea to get acts here that might not otherwise be able to come. I’ll be keeping track and supporting artists I want to see for sure!

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