Extracurricular activities.

We aren’t quite done with the K-Pop fun yet! As a VVIP badge holder, I got to take part in the high-touch and photo event after the show. I was especially surprised that these still went on even as Coronavirus was looking like it might be something to worry about after all. If only we knew, huh? Anyway, back to before the world ended. After the show, they asked non-VIP’s to leave over the loudspeaker and we began to form something resembling a line for it that was shifted a time or five. I saw a lot of people reach for hand sanitizer, which was super cool of them. I had some myself and partook as well.

Eventually, they brought tables out and things got more clear. I made my way through the line and eventually got up there. I was kinda stopped at the start of the table for several seconds as Yiren paid a lot of attention to the person in front of me, then almost none to me. I guess she didn’t care to garner any favor with me. The rest were fine though. I didn’t try to speak any Korean because I have zero confidence in doing so, I just gave everyone a smile and a “thank you” except for Mia, who received a sincere “I love you” to which she giggled at and said thank you. It was pretty adorbs, not gonna lie. High touch is a bit of a bittersweet thing. It’s super cool to get to do it, but it’s so fast that it’s really hard to take it all in. Still, it was my first time actually meeting some K-Pop idols, and it was great. They were all, of course, SUPER pretty up close.

After high touch was done, they asked non-VVIP to clear out, and started to line us up in groups of ten for the photo event. After a non-eventful wait, my middle line eventually made it’s way in. The photo op was just as quick as the high touch. A lucky six got to sit in chairs right in front of the group, and the leftover four had to kneel on the floor like the peasants we were. I honestly didn’t care at the time, but I see now that the photos were released that Aisha and others were making heart poses with everyone so I am a tad jealous in hindsight. But yeah, it was a fun thing to do even if it was done in a flash. And I apologize, but I prefer not to post the picture here.

We all waved bye to them all and then it was down a hallway to a door that literally threw you outside on a side street. I had a quick look around Google Maps and South Side Music Hall is near nothing at all. So much for a celebratory drink at the bar, huh? I lingered around to take in the atmosphere just a bit more and take some photos of the now lit up sign, but after being approached for money by a homeless obvious heroin user, I decided it was probably time to retreat back to the hotel. While waiting near the street I saw some really creepish guy in a Sailor Moon t-shirt shining his phone light in what might have been Everglow’s transportation. He saw me staring at him and scampered away. People, man. I called an Uber, and after an extra 25 minutes of being stuck in construction traffic, I was back at the hotel and the main event was over. I recorded a video recap for my personal reference and crashed pretty much after that.

So yeah, that was the Everglow “Everlasting Tour” experience. I had an uneventful drive back home the next morning. All in all, I loved it. It was a lot of fun. I’m glad it happened despite the beginning of the downfall of society, and glad I decided to chance it and go. I’m glad I got this experience in, because who knows when the next one will be.

If all you came here was for the Everglow report, we’re done here and thank you for reading! If you want to hear me ramble about some personal stuff and probably say some stuff I shouldn’t, continue on you brave, brave person.

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