In one last ditch effort to put some kind of content on my website, I have decided to try something I really enjoyed back in the day: podcasting! In this pilot episode, I talk about who I am in case no one knows or remembers, my experience with Covid-19, my hopes for the show and a few kickass K-Pop groups.

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Here are some timestamps in case you want to skip a certain section.
00:00 Introduction!
13:31 My Covid-19 experience.
19:05 What this podcast will hopefully be.
19:41 Discussing 3YE and their “Triangle” mini-album.
22:53 Discussing Saturday’s “D.B.D.B.DIB” single.
25:35 April’s “Hello Summer” special super mini album whatever thing.
27:42 Wrapup.

Comments? Suggestions? Hate mail?

Twitter: @MikeCheck46

Links to stuff mentioned in the show: – That Garry guy I mentioned.
3YE’s Music Videos: YESSIRQUEENOOMM (Out Of My Mind)DMT (Do Ma Thang)
Saturday’s DBDBDIB Music VideoCheck out BBYONG too!
April’s Now or Never Music Video


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