The second episode was plagued with schedule and production problems, but is finally here and all is well thanks to the miracle of editing! In this episode I discuss my gaming and music hobbies, some fandom things, and even a few life updates on things I mentioned last time.

Warning: this podcast contains adult language and themes. You have been warned!

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Here are some timestamps in case you want to skip a certain section.
00:00 – Intro & chit chat: How did the first episode go? How’s Covid going? Rewatching The Expanse. Some thoughts on Twitter.
10:50 – Gaming Spotlight: Microsoft Flight Simulator impressions
15:39 – Gaming Chat: Back to the land of Nintendo.
17:53 – Music Spotlight: BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez’s “Ice Cream” single
22:33 – Music Spotlight: ITZY’s “Not Shy” EP
30:40 – Music Spotlight: CLC’s “Helicopter” Single
34:35 – Outro.

Comments? Suggestions? Hate mail?

Twitter: @MikeCheck46

Links to stuff mentioned in the show:
Microsoft Flight Simualtor Steam Store Page
BLACKPINK feat. Selena Gomez – “Ice Cream” Music Video
ITZY – “Not Shy” Music Video
CLC – “Helicopter” Music Video


Fan of アイドル, Japanese and Korean music, video games, anime, space, and technology. I tweet and blog about all of the above plus life.

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