Hi there, the name’s Mike but you could have easily guessed that. I’m not the most open book on the Internet, but I am willing to share that I’m in my early thirties and hail from rural southern United States.

I think it’s safe to say my hobbies differ from your typical Texan. The big transformation started in 1997, when I got my first PC at home and I became quite enamored with it and the Internet. Through this new resource I developed a deep interest in sci-fi and anime. I’m not quite as into western sci-fi anymore, but the anime has stuck over the years to varying degrees. I’ve always found Japanese pop culture to be interesting since it’s so different from what I grew up around. Little did I know it had been around me the whole time, in the form of things like Robotech or Power Rangers. I guess it was meant to be from the get-go.

Anime later led me to get into Japanese pop music in early 2001, where I discovered Morning Musume, the first idol group I got into. I was taken with this industry in a hurry. It’s a hobby that has continued to this day. Up until J-Pop I had zero interest in music, but through that genre I learned to appreciate how enriching it could be. In the years that followed, I diversified from everything to American classic rock to alternative to even some local pop artists. A recent addition to my repertoire is the insanely energetic, short shorts filled K-Pop industry. Throughout it all, Japanese pop music and idols are still there. It remains a silly, fun distraction from the ups and downs of everyday life.

You can also catch me playing games a good amount too. I’ve played on consoles all my life, but in the last four years I’ve moved almost exclusively to PC. Recently my go to game is Overwatch, but I like a wide range of stuff like American Truck Simulator, Cities: Skylines, and Kerbal Space Program to name a few.

My main intention with this blog is just to share thoughts and reviews on stuff I care to mention. It’s very likely to remain hobby-centric. I don’t think people would care to read about my regular life any more than I’d care to write about it. I hope you’ll find content on here that you can enjoy for as long as I enjoy making it. ‘yoroshiku.

If you need to contact me for whatever reason, the best way would be on Twitter at@MikeCheckBlog. You can also use the form below. Please be advised that IP addresses are logged for obvious reasons.